In retirement, we have the luxury of having more time. UURMaPA offers opportunities for members to socialize, share ideas, and continue learning. See what others are doing.


We recognize member’s contributions with three different awards. The Unsung UURMaPAn award is given in recognition of vital contributions and generous service on behalf of the community of retired UU ministers and partners. The Creative Sageing award is given for creativity in pursuing new ventures in retirement. To learn more, read about recent awardees, and find out how to nominate someone ==> click here.

Welcome to New UURMaPA Members 2012 Luncheon

1) Bob Morris, 2) Makanah Morris, 3) Dick Gilbert, 4) Jay Atkinson, 5) Grace Simons, 6) Barbara Ratzlaff, 7) David Simons, 8) Bill Haney, 9) Gretchen Woods, 10) Paul , 11) Judith Findholm, 12) ???, 13) Craig Scott, 14) Karen Paull, 15) Ruth Gibson, 16) Marie DeYoung, 17) Liz McMaster, 18) Sheldon Bennett, 19) Chuck Gaines, 20) Carolyn Gaines. If we mis-identified someone, please send a correction to


Our Winter 2018 Conference is in Tampa, FL, on January 29-31, 2018. Registration is open until December 15, 2017. Read more about the conference and how to register here.

UURMaPA sponsors conferences in early October in Attleboro, MA and in the winter/spring. Recent winter/spring venues include Santa Barbara, CA and Orlando, FL. We’ve met in a number of other places as well.

Typically the conferences are held in retreat centers for two or more nights. Programing usually includes a keynote talk, workshops, a colleagues Odyssey, and worship as well as ample free time to mingle and reminisce.

Click here to learn more about our Winter/Spring Conference in Santa Barbara (Feb. 27 – Mar 1, 2017).

Want to read about previous conferences? Click these links:

If you are considering helping with the planning of a gathering, be sure to look over the Conference Planning Guidelines (especially the last few paragraphs).

Fall Conference in Attleboro 2017, photo by Eleanor Richardson

Local Gatherings

Our Area Connections Contacts help members in specific geographic regions keep in touch with one another. Events, such as a luncheon gathering or dinner outing, are sometimes organized by members within the Connections Area. If you would like to organize or host a small gathering contact your Area Connections Contact person. To find your area and who the contact is, check out the Area Connections Directory, found on the Publications page.

Ministry Days and General Assembly Gatherings

At Ministry Days we present a “collegial conversation” to address retirement issues, and we host a luncheon to welcome new UURMaPA members during General Assembly.  And we take part in the special luncheon that is hosted by the UUA for surviving family members of ministers who have died that past year.

Retirement Seminar

UURMaPA and the UUMA are collaborating to present a Retirement Planning Seminar in March 2017, led by the Rev. Larry Peers. Learn more here.

Targeted Ministry Program (TMP)

UURMaPA and the UUA are collaborating to create a program where experienced ministers with special training would offer short-term ministry with specific (targeted) goals. Retired ministers might well find this an attractive post-retirement opportunity. Training is expected to take place in October 2017 with the initial assignments to begin in January 2018. Learn more here.