UURMaPA offers two awards (The Unsung UURMaPAn and The Creative Sageing Award).

Nominations for awards should be sent to or contact the Vice President (listed on our Governance page).

The Unsung UURMaPAn Award

Previously the Unsung Hero, this award was new in 2012. It is to be given to an UURMAPA member who has not been recognized for his or her vital contributions to our UU retired movement along with generous service to others. The award will honor a volunteer who has made an extraordinary contribution to our association, working behind the scenes during their retirement years. The successful nominee will not have been recognized elsewhere.

The Unsung UURMaPAn will be recognized at General Assembly or at our UURMAPA Fall Conference and in Elderberries, and will receive a $500 honorarium.

Unsung UURMaPAn Awards have honored:

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The Creative Sageing Award

This award is given each June in recognition of outstanding service and creativity in pursuing new ventures after retirement and building on one’s experience in creative ways. This might involve, for example, mentoring, public service, fostering spiritual growth, writing/publishing, creating/participating in community and denominational service projects and organizations. All UURMaPA members are eligible.  The winner receives a $500 honorarium.

Creative Sageing winners in past years include:

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