We Are an Active Bunch

UURMaPA members often remain active in retirement, sometimes serving in interim ministries or doing pulpit supply or sabbatical fillin ministries, sometimes in leadership roles in Unitarian Universalism, often as mentors and coaches to ministerial colleagues, as speakers and presenters, and outside UU circles in arts and crafts, sports, and a myriad other things. If you are engaged in an activity you’d like others to know about, drop a note (and a digital image) to webmaster@uurmapa.org.

Some of us are:

Reflecting on Ministry:

Dick Gilbert and Nancy Doughty at Ministry Days in 2011

Dick Gilbert and Nancy Doughty

Dick Gilbert gave the 50-year speech at Ministry Days 2011 in Charlotte, NC.  Download the text of his talk 50-Year Talk by Dick Gilbert Nancy Doughty introduced him. Download her text Introduction for Dick Gilbert

Ken MacLean

Ken MacLean

Kenneth Torquil MacLean gave the 50-year speech at Ministry Days 2010 in Minneapolis, MN.  Download the text of his talk: 50-Year Talk by Ken MacLean

Emily Morse Palmer in a tulip garden

Emily Morse Palmer

Emily Morse Palmer shared her Odyssey about entering ministry in midlife at the UURMaPA Pan-South Conference in Ft. Myers, FL. Dick Fewkes shared his Odyssey at the 2016 Attleboro conference, and Thomas Anastasi gave his at the 2016 Santa Barbara conference.

Preaching and Presenting:

Dick Fewks as Theodore Parker

Dick Fewks

Dick Fewkes has brought Theodore Parker to life preaching in churches in Massachusetts and at the UURMaPA Northeast Conference in Attleboro.

Practicing a Craft:

Carl Bretz at Loom

Carl Bretz

Carl Bretz weaves at the Appalachian Arts Crafts Center in Norris, Tennessee. He has found weaving a great stress reliever and it has become a part of his religious practice.  He has been inspired by his experience teaching weaving to recovering hospital patients (as part of their occupational therapy).

Set for Guys and Dolls, designed by Andy Backus

Set for Guys and Dolls

Andy Backus designed the set for the musical, “Guys & Dolls” at Bellingham Theatre Guild. He is shown here adjusting a cityscape painted on muslin.  You may recognize the Chrysler Building in New York City.

Competing in Athletics:

Barbara Murry Skating

Barbara Murry

Barbara Murry won a gold medal at the US Figure Skating Adult Championships for her freestyle program in the group for ladies 61 and above.  The group has printed a tee-shirt with a skater pictured doing an arabesque and a legend that reads: “Can Your Grandmother Do This?”

Raising Grapes and Making Wine:

Kim Beach and Granddaughter Libby in his Vineyard, Campicello

Kim Beach and Granddaughter Libby in the Vineyard

Kim Beach with his granddaughter, Libby, in his vineyard, Campicello, in Madison County, VA, where he enjoys perfecting his cabernet.

What Keeps You Active?