Judy Welles

Judy Welles

Retirement from ministry, or a partner’s retirement from ministry, can call for major adjustments in your life. Now you have the gift of time to pursue your interests, and to develop new ones. You don’t have to go to church every Sunday, and you have more control over your discretionary time. Such are the blessings of retirement, but this stage also comes with its own challenges: who am I now that I’m not defined by my professional role? What is my relationship to the churches we’ve served? What am I supposed to be doing now?

UURMaPA is here to help you make the adjustment, and to live fully in your retirement, whatever form it takes. We gather at regional and national conferences for stimulating programs, Odysseys, and time with dear friends. Our Connections Network of more than 40 volunteers stays in touch with local UURMaPAns for support and resources. Our quarterly newsletter, Elderberries, keeps us updated with each other and with the wider UU world. This web site is loaded with resources and information, such as the Membership Directory, updated monthly; information about recent and upcoming conferences and other activities; and an archive of obituaries. Now that you’re here, take a look around!

Begun in 1985, UURMaPA is a completely volunteer-run organization. Every minister and partner automatically becomes a member of UURMaPA when the minister completes an “Intent to Retire” form with the UUA. There are no dues; we depend on the generosity of our approximately 1,000 members for the financial support of our annual budget, which includes generous scholarship funds so that anyone can participate in our activities.

In addition to offering support and companionship, UURMaPA has evolved to become an advocacy group for retirees. We have strong links to the UUA and the UUMA, generating new and evolving programs with both entities. We are contributing to the strength of our religious movement in a variety of prophetic and creative ways.

Welcome to our website, where you will find a wealth of material to help you understand who we are.

Best wishes,

Judy Welles, President

UURMaPA Board 2015

Back row: John Weston (resigned 10/8/15), Judy Gibson, John Manwell (term began 10/8/15), Liz McMaster.
Front row: Joel Weaver, Doug Gallager, Judy Welles, Marni Harmony, Judy Gillis (resigned 3/1/16), Jim Eller.