Retirement Planning Seminar

UURMaPA is partnering with the UUA and UUMA to offer a retirement planning seminar for UU ministers who are thinking about retirement in 5-10 years. It will be at the Newcomb Tennis Camp, outside San Antonio, Texas, March 27-31, 2017. We’ve contracted with our own Larry Peers to help lead the seminar. Any of you who have, like me, attended one of Larry’s retirement seminars know how valuable it can be.

So why are we telling already-retired ministers and partners about this? Two reasons, actually. First, while targeted invitations will be going out to UUMA members who are 5-10 years out, there’s nothing like a personal “urging.” So if you know colleagues in that target group, please have a personal conversation.

Which brings me to the second reason for telling you all about this. I took Larry’s seminar after I had retired, basically as part of UURMaPA’s investigation into whether to sponsor this seminar. During the training, over and over again I had head-slapping “I wish I had known this” moments.

So I’m asking for your help in fleshing out UURMaPA’s part of the training, which revolves around the topic, “Things I wish I had known before I retired.” I was fortunate to have engaged Alban consultant Susan Beaumont as my preretirement coach. And yet Larry’s seminar offered much that would have made the transition better for me and for the congregation.

Please drop me an e-mail ( or call (248/647-1912) to share what you wish you had known before you retired. You can help make things better for colleagues, partners, congregations and community settings. Thanks for your help.

Doug Gallager

To learn more or apply, see the UUMA Retirement Planning Seminar webpage.