Elderberries (the UURMaPA Newsletter)

The UURMaPA newsletter, Elderberries, is mailed to members four times a year and is full of news and information. The current and archived issues are also posted online. To opt out of receiving a printed/mailed copy (which is printed in black and white) and download Elderberries in the full-color edition, contact the Membership Coordinator (

You can download the current issue here: Elderberries 2017 Fall

Note: Some of the oldest archival copies are formatted slightly differently than the editor(s) intended due to changes in word processing software, resulting in incompatibilities with files created in older versions.

Request: We are missing some issues (indicated below by an asterisk and lack of download link). If you have paper copies of any of them or any issues published before 1993 and would be willing to lend them to be scanned, contact to arrange shipping and return.

Winter Spring Summer Fall
Elderberries 2017 Winter Elderberries 2017 Spring Elderberries 2017 Summer Elderberries 2017 Fall
Elderberries 2016 Winter Elderberries 2016 Spring Elderberries 2016 Summer Elderberries 2016 Fall
Elderberries 2015 Winter Elderberries 2015 Spring Elderberries 2015 Summer Elderberries 2015 Fall
Elderberries 2014 Winter Elderberries 2014 Spring Elderberries 2014 Summer Elderberries 2014 Fall
Elderberries 2013 Winter Elderberries 2013 Spring Elderberries 2013 Summer Elderberries 2013 Fall
Elderberries 2012 Winter Elderberries 2012 Spring Elderberries 2012 Summer Elderberries 2012 Fall
Elderberries 2011 Winter Elderberries 2011 Spring Elderberries 2011 Summer Elderberries 2011 Fall
Elderberries 2010 Winter Elderberries 2010 Spring Elderberries 2010 Summer Elderberries 2010 Fall
Elderberries 2009 Winter Elderberries 2009 Spring Elderberries 2009 Summer Elderberries 2009 Fall*
Elderberries 2008 Winter Elderberries 2008 Spring Elderberries 2008 Summer Elderberries 2008 Fall
Elderberries 2007 Winter Elderberries 2007 Spring Elderberries 2007 Summer Elderberries 2007 Fall
Elderberries 2006 Winter Elderberries 2006 Spring Elderberries 2006 Summer Elderberries 2006 Fall
Elderberries 2005 Winter Elderberries 2005 Spring Elderberries 2005 Summer Elderberries 2005 Fall
Elderberries 2004 Winter Elderberries 2004 Spring Elderberries 2004 Summer Elderberries 2004 Fall
Elderberries 2003 Winter Elderberries 2003 Spring Elderberries 2003 Summer Elderberries 2003 Fall
Elderberries 2002 Winter Elderberries 2002 Spring Elderberries 2002 Summer Elderberries 2002 Fall
Elderberries 2001 Winter Elderberries 2001 Spring Elderberries 2001 Summer Elderberries 2001 Fall
Elderberries 2000 Winter Elderberries 2000 Spring Elderberries 2000 Summer Elderberries 2000 Fall
Elderberries 1999 Winter Elderberries 1999 Spring Elderberries 1999 Summer Elderberries 1999 Fall
Elderberries 1998 Winter* Elderberries 1998 Spring Elderberries 1998 Summer* Elderberries 1998 Fall
Elderberries 1997 Winter Elderberries 1997 Spring Elderberries 1997 Summer Elderberries 1997 Fall
Elderberries 1996 Winter Elderberries 1996 Spring* Elderberries 1996 Summer Elderberries 1996 Fall
Elderberries 1995 Winter* Elderberries 1995 Spring* Elderberries 1995 Summer* Elderberries 1995 Fall
Elderberries 1994 Winter* Elderberries 1994 Spring* Elderberries 1994 Summer Elderberries 1994 Fall*
Elderberries 1993 Winter* Elderberries 1993 Spring* Elderberries 1993 Summer Elderberries 1993 Fall


Membership Directory CoverUURMaPA publishes two directories, the Membership Directory and the Area Connections Directory (formerly the Caring Area Directory). The Membership Directory includes the Area Connections Directory or you can download it as a separate document.

Both directories require a password in order to protect members’ information. You can obtain the password from the Membership Coordinator (

The directories are updated monthly. Please send corrections to

Click here to download the current Membership Directory and here to download the Area Connections Directory.

Retirement Guide

Retirement Guide

Retirement Guide

The UURMaPA Retirement Guide offers wisdom from the experience of dozens of our members in their retirement. It may well be useful to ministers and partners contemplating retirement as well as those who have already retired. You may download a copy (in pdf format) by clicking on the image to the left.

Best Practices in Right Relations

Best Practices in Right Relations

Best Practices in Right Relations

Recommendations and Resources for Best Practices in Right Relations among Settled, Interim, and Retired Ministers and their Families is the report of a joint task force representing UURMaPA, the UUMA, the UU Interim Ministers Guild, and the UUA. The task force was convened in the fall of 2011 and was charged to gather, consider and report on best practices for improving the relationships between settled ministers and retired ministers. Their 2012 report can be downloaded (in pdf format) by clicking on the image to the left.